Fibre Systems and Surge Protection

Copper! Copper! So much Copper! Most of our telephony infrastructure is made up of old copper based technology. Telkom however has started investing in fiber technology along with some new players in the market. We all know fiber is a more sophisticated technology with greater data speeds, so the transition is welcome and much needed. Stopping cable thefts are a big incentive for Telkom to transfer to fibre, but also the safety and protection against surges(Thanks Eskom!) and lightning strikes. Where it’s available, people are of course opting for a Fibre line versus the traditional ADLS/VDSL copper options.

Fibre has changed the market tremendously! Traditional PABX systems have turned into IP phones, or headsets now being used through existing networks and computer systems. Cloud Computing is changing the way business’s use and spend money on IT infrastructure. Online storage. Video Conferencing. The list goes on, all made possible with faster internet technologies such as fibre!

So Even if the future looks bright for Fibre.... Is Fibre going to save our equipment from surges and lightning strikes. While its true that an electrical surge cannot travel up a fibre cable, surge’s can still effect your network through other sources. Eskom Power will continue to be supplied on Copper Cabling, so moving your telecommunications over to Fibre, isn’t going to solve the problem. Eskom’s unstable grid and any up-and-down power outages(load shedding) leaves you vulnerable.  Additionally, most business or small home networks still utilize Copper CAT5e or CAT6 copper cabling internally. A nearby lightning strikes loves to find some copper to ride and could easily cause inductions of electrical current and ZAP your equipment.

Check out our article on how lightning and surges can hurt your equipment, or download this as a PDF file

Clearline 28-00713 is specifically designed to protect your IP Phone and Computer Equipment.


Fibre Systems and Surge Protection

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