12-00713 for Computer Protection

Protect your Computer, Printer, Scanner


Product Specifications

Clearline’s product protects your computer, IP phone, printer, scanner, modem and network against lightning and electrical surges without additional earthing. This prevents damage from power surges and dips (brownouts) caused by power shutdowns and over- and under-voltages from unstable power. The duration of these conditions is normally longer and can be especially damaging to air conditioners, electric motors, etc., running under load, and expensive electronic equipment.

Clearline incorporates a fast overload device which will be activated in extreme conditions. Functional indication light displays the earth and protection status of the unit. Clearline’s unique built-in thermal protection devices eliminates fire hazard. The protection modules have multiple stages of protection capable of blocking severe lightning and power surges.


  • Reduces inrush current
  • Built-in Delay
  • Status monitoring
  • Automatic Operation
  • Provides mains protection against both Over Voltage and – Under Voltage
  • Resettable Circuit breaker
  • Fire hazard protection
  • Line filtration
  • Gigabit POE (power over ethernet)


342 × 61 × 34 mm

Product Application

Protect your Computer, Printer, Scanner


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